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Norwegian Fjord


Abbey & Peppertree's Arne
Beginner Novice - 3 Day Eventing

Abbey & Arne


Our Background with the Wonderful Fjord Breed

Gene Bauer, and Abbey never too young to sit up on a Fjord.

Norwegian Fjord Crossing and others...

Texas Ranger Pony
New Ponies Announced!

Gene Bauer was my father and a man who signified the best of Norwegian Fjord Ponies. He was a major breeder, stressed the importance of pure breeding, sound training and produced the highest quality of the breed as possible. Unfortunately, he passed away May '96. There are many great links throughout the Internet to help you with your search for a quality Fjord and I encourage you all to check this great breed out. (See the links provided below.)

My Dad raised more than 200 Fjords at Hestdalen Farms, in Round Lake, Illinois where he stood 50 Fjords in training, breeding and for pleasure. YOU may notice his name on the pedigree of your Fjord. He started the first Stud Records of continental US and painstackenly researched the Fjords in America for those records. He started the Norwegian Fjord Association of the United States. After his passing those records were merged with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry so records could be complete as possible for each Fjord's pedigree.

As a young adult I was around my dad on visits home and was also taken by the Fjord's charm and level heading demeanor. And now I have retired from Fjord ownership as my daughter is older and no longer interested in riding. I was amazed that they are so easy to care for, as my father said years ago. Hay and hoof trimming and wormer is all you will need. Did you know they don't have to wear shoes & they only eat hay (depending on the discipline you are using them for)? Yep, low maintenance!

Some breeders & owners have their Fjords shod if they work them hard. The breed has many qualities that make owning them a much easier and enjoyable sport: patience, strength, and a level headed approach to working with you. Our first Fjords from Hestdalen were Hakar and Ole stand 13.3 and 14.3 hands high. Yes, adults ride Fjords. They can be small for children or larger for adults. When you think of a 14.3hand Fjord you don't realize that their drafty sure-footed conformation feels like a 16h horse.

We also owned Peppertree's Arne who stood 15hh and my daughter enjoyed 3 day eventing and Arne LOVED rolling across the open space jumping whatever she asked him to jump. **Never** refused a cross country jump Jr. Beg Novice level. He loved it. Plus his pace was perfect with that great "optimum speed".

When youngsters ride Fjords, though, you need to address the concern of the Fjord strength. Many youngsters get discouraged when the Fjords want to graze or go back to the herd, and all your riding ques are needed to direct those drafty necks and bodies where you want to go. So finding the right match with your child is important. Ask sellers to post videos on YouTube or Facebook and you'll see previews as you make your choice. Then try to visit and get first hand experience with him or her.

Fjords are known for being tolerant, however they are animals and will try to get the upper hand if they can. Remember who's the Boss!


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One Cute Fjord

This was my father driving his four-in-hand team of Fjords.
Then see what happen to the Park Drag built in England for the Earl of Lonsdale.

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What Fjords can do.
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Why have a Fjord pony? I began riding on a Morgan horse - boy when we hitched him up to the surrey watch out, step lively and jump in. He was off and rolling. I know that many experiences with horses offer different results, but we Fjord lovers, feel that a Fjord has a different "mind-set". If they have had quality training they will stand, as you hitch them, wait patiently while you all get into the carriage, as you adjust your reins and when you say "Walk On!" they will proceed. There are many traits inherent in the Fjord which make working with them a joy. They perform with big hearts, nuzzle you everyday, stand when there is trouble and are very forgiving. Many have said that their Fjord taught them how to drive... a wonderful gift for young, middle age and seniors to own.
Facebook has many pages of Fjord interested groups and in many areas across the US there are Fjord Clubs which put on Horse Shows and activities as well as training help and Play Days. Having a Fjord will enrich your life greatly. Go with the flow.

 I want to help the interest of the Fjord grow! Therefore...if you
are searching for that special equine for your family, please click the links I've provided below and have a fun journey.


Find Your Fjord...

for Selling & Buying Fjords!
visit Facebook pages. Registered Fjords for Sale
Ride on Over, Join the Group and Have Fun

A Special Fjord Consignor who is a terrific Fjord trainer. I highly recomend for anyone who wants to sell their Fjord, or purchase one, to contact Patti Jo Walter

Our community of Fjord Lovers has a great following to ask questions, find Fjords and share fun adventures. To see other noteable places to search the Fjord Registry which is a great group of people who are also Fjord lovers. They have a Directory of Fjord Breeders and Owners and a wealth of education about Fjords. Sign up for the Fjord Herald and get connected.
Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry


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Earl of Lonsdale Park Drag
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