CB'nimals are our Exclusive Cat & Dog Earrings

CB'nimals Earrings

I'm Betsy (B) and Cindy (C) is my friend who paints each earring. We know you love your animals and They Love You Too!
NOW you can enjoy these happy, fun characatures as wearable art. Each piece is a slice of Deer Antler, a natural material that is awesome to paint.
Lightweight, durable and will last for a very long time. Order the number you like with wires* and you'll get loads of
compliments when you show off your CB'nimals.
Each set only $20.00 (plus shipping $5.00 Priority USA States)


SOLD: CB 24, CB 15 ~ Sorry

Earring Number:

Wires or Posts:



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* It is easy to change the wires to balls and posts after you receive them. We are out of posts. Michaels would carry them.